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Parks and Recreation Staff Contact Information

For more information on recreation programs please refer to the Recreation Guide, also available at the recreation centers for current class offerings for each program.

Iris Center Administrative Office


Name and Title Email Phone

Alison Rhodes

[email protected]



Deputy Director


Bryan Beary
Community Building/Partnerships

[email protected]  

303 413-7273

Stephanie Munro
Regional Facilities Manager

[email protected] 720-564-2307

Megann Lohman
Recreation and Facilities 

[email protected]  


Jackson Hite
Business Services Manager

[email protected]

303 413-7210

Charlotte O'Donnell
Admin Specialist III/ Board Liaison

[email protected]

Christy Munoz
Graphic Design
[email protected] 303-413-7259

Lisa Nieman
Web Specialist

[email protected] 303-413-7275
 Jonathan Thornton
Communications Specialist
[email protected]  303-413-725

Access & Inclusion (EXPAND and Youth Services)

Name and Title Email Phone

Lori Goldman
Supervisor Therapeutic Recreation

[email protected] 303-413-7256

Aquatic Programs

Name and Title Email Phone

Tim Stabbe

[email protected]

303 441-3435
Pool and Reservoir Group Reservations [email protected]  

Boulder Reservoir

Name and Title Email Phone

Stacy Cole
Facility Manager

[email protected] 303-441-3469

Matt Soderberg
Assistant Manager

[email protected] 303-441-3457

Historical and Cultural Assets

Name and Title Email Phone

Caitlin Berube-Smith
Historical & Cultural Assets Coordinator

[email protected] 303-413-7232

Community Outreach

Name and Title Email Phone
 - See Bryan Beary
Manager, Community Outreach &
Justin Greenstein
Events Manager Partnerships
[email protected] 303-413-7222

Mary Malley
Coordinator of Volunteer Services

[email protected]


Cassy Bohnet
Coordinator of Volunteer Services
[email protected] 303-441-4404


Name and Title Email Phone

Kathleen Alexander
City Forester

[email protected]   303-441-3406

Flatirons Golf Course

Name and Title Email Phone

Tom Buzbee
Director of Golf and Facilities

  [email protected]  



Name and Title Email Phone

Urban Parks and Forestry main line


Dennis Warrington
Urban Parks Manager

Gabe Aksamit
Urban Parks Ops and Asset Mgr

[email protected]

[email protected]

303 413-7184

303 441-3407

Josh Benedict
Downtown Zone Supervisor
[email protected] 720-724-1956
 Nick Haupt
North Zone Supervisor
[email protected] 303 579-2940
Peter Lockett
South Zone Supervisor
[email protected] 720-626-9351

Mike Rossi
Valmont City Park

[email protected] 303-413-7219

Aaron LeMieux
Park Turf & Irrigation Manager

[email protected]



Name and Title Email Phone

Jeff Haley
Planning & Ecological Services

[email protected] 303-413-7233
Doug Godfrey
Parks Planner and Resources

[email protected]

Tina Briggs
Parks Planner II
[email protected]   303-413-7291
Josh Bernier
Parks Plan/Constructions
[email protected] 303-413-7262
Regina Elsner
Parks Planner Natural Lands
[email protected] 303-413-7228
Morgan Gardner
Associate Planner
[email protected] 303-441-4443


Name and Title Email Phone

Megann Lohman
Recreation Supervisor of Gymnastics 

[email protected] 303-441-4427

Summer Kennedy
Recreation Supervisor of Health and Wellness

[email protected] 303-413-7264

Kinesis Dance
Dance Program 720-515-6268
Studio Arts Boulder
Pottery Lab 720-379-6033

Recreation Centers

Name and Title Email Phone

Maxen Jones
East Boulder Community Center Manager

[email protected] 303-413-7463

Matt Gazdik
North Boulder Recreation Center Supervisor

  [email protected]    303-413-7468

Matt Pilger
South Bldr  Recreation Center Supervisor

  [email protected]